Siebenburgen leisure complex is situated in Pianu de Jos , a settlement famous in Alba for it’s antiquity and as well for it’s cultural and sport activities.

Here you will find the first and the most competitive golf course, named after the famous gold professor Paul Tomita, the former professor of the latest Romanian King Michael I Hohenzzolern .

The oldest writings in the world were found here, written with 2000 years before the ones found in Sumer. We are situated at small distances, like in a divine symmetry, between the four capitals of the Romanians:

Sarmisegetusa Regia, in Orastie mountains, the capital of the Free Dacia

Sarmisegetusa Ulpia Traiana, near Hateg, the capital of the Roman Dacia

Alba Iulia, the capital of all the Romanians

Sibiu, European cultural capital
At Siebenburgen you can learn an play golf, tennis, ping pong (table tennis ) from the most famous professors in Romania.

You can also participate at the “Tour of the seven Saxon castles“: Sebes , Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara , Medias, Bistrita and Orastie , a never-to-be-forgotten trip organized for our tourist.

For our guests we are cooking Romanian, Saxon and Italian food. If you want a great memory, stop at least one day at Siebenburgen .

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