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Aquatech Solutions acts as the agency of Uhrig German group, European leader in waste water management. Uhrig carries out designing activities and implementation of technical solutions, especially for waste water sewage , with a high degree of novelty and originality .
Waste Water Management means:


inexpensive execution and upkeep

sewage pipe repairs and replacement using new methods

pipe cleaning using auto-washing

heat retrieval from used water

Waste Water Management activity consists in approaching a new vision on this domain with direct reference to a better management on waste water using new technologies with a higher degree of originality and novelty like the following:

•  usage of mobile dams on main sewage pipes

•  control of the above using a central software

•  under control flooding on certain sections of the pipe in order to accomplish auto-cleaning

•  activation of the unused excess volume of the pipes

•  protection against the flooding

•  ensure a constant flow of sewage to Waste Water Treatment Plant

Depending on the size of the pipes we use two types of mobile dams:

Hydraulic for pipes with size bigger than 1400 mm

Pneumatic for pipes with a smaller width than 1400 mm

According to the role that the dams meet in the system we distinguish the followings:

dams used for water retention, pipe cleaning and flow adjustment

dams used for direct discharge

dams used in order to prevent the overflow of the pipes in case of flooding

Comparing with the old systems, the new devices features the following advantages:

retention tanks are not used whereas it activates the overweight volume of the pipelines

due to the controlled overflow, the pipes are permanently washed

the apparition of sulfide hydrogen from the sediment is avoided (the sulfide hydrogen shortens the life of the pipes)

ensure a constant flow of sewage to the waste water treatment plant and because of this, these stations can be a lot smaller

According to the priorities and financial possibilities, each city can implement the new system gradually. The diagnosis study is made by our specialists for free. The implementation costs of the Uhrig system is with at least 20 % cheaper than any other cases , and the upkeep and the running of the system is with 50% cheaper than any other system.

The pump system with integrated dam represent one of the most efficient protection methods against floods.

The system consist in a number of powerful pumps, which in case of the overflow of the pipes will discharge the waste water over the dam. Thus the flooding of the city is avoided.
The upkeep and the rehabilitation of the sewerage is made easily.

Using a pneumatic robot, an inspection is made every time it needs. In case of a flaw, the repair is made quickly by the same robot using a stainless steel sleeve. This is the Quick-Lock system.

If it needs a pipe replacement a new hydraulic system which will pull out the pipe without using digging. This method is new and itís called GRUNDOBURST.
Waste water use for efficient heating solutions is provided under the name of Therm-Liner System .

This system is made of a heat exchanger, which is placed on the bottom or on the walls of the pipes, and a heat pump. The heat pump recovers a part of the residual energy of the waste water and transfers it to the heat change liquid (usually itís water). This liquid will transfer the heat to the building's heating system under the implementation of new technologies.

The system can be set up on any form of the pipe, itís easy to install and the installation doesnít affect the sewage operation.

The heat retrieval process doesnít affect the microorganisms which helps in the process of cleaning the water.

the cost of the investment: 800-1800 Euro/ kw

savings with the heat costs: 40-50% annual

emission reduction CO2: 70 %

return of investment: 3- 12 years

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